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Program Blueprint

After time, cost and scope factors, did you know that the biggest predictor of program failure or success is the perception held by your stakeholders? 

Emerson Health's Program Blueprint is a virtual change and engagement solution that positively shifts stakeholder 
perceptions and adds momentum to your program.

Key Blueprint Benefits

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Common Blueprint Applications

  • Re-activating lagging programs

  • Projects requiring urgent progress

  • Consultation with stakeholders located across wide geographic areas

  • Engaging stakeholders for policy input and co-design

  • Multi-agency initiatives

  • Connecting remote teams

  • Aligning Board membership, particularly volunteer NFP Boards

  • Resolving complex sector or organisational challenges

  • Organisational consultation to inform role redesign

What Your Stakeholders Say

"Insightful, rich and critical input from different perspectives. 
Incredibly powerful messages."

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