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Our People: Q&A with Executive Officer Lucy French

This blog post is the fifth in a series of posts where we profile members of our team.

We recently welcomed Executive Officer Lucy French to the Emerson Health team. As is our custom, we sat down with Lucy and asked her to tell us a little more about herself. Read on to get to know Lucy!

1. You've recently joined Emerson Health team. Welcome! Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Hello! I grew up in Melbourne and after completing a Bachelor of Commerce and working in finance positions within broking and banking organisations, I moved to Tasmania in 2004. For the past 15 years I have worked as an Executive Assistant in Launceston.

This year I am enjoying a more balanced lifestyle, working part-time at Emerson Health supporting our Director, whilst raising two very active primary school aged boys. My week includes playing squash, tennis, running, swimming, and also team managing a junior football team! My husband also has a busy working week running both an intensive cropping farm in Hagley, Northern Tasmania and a lager focused brewery in Hobart!

2. What's something you learned about yourself in 2020?

Fortunately, 2020 wasn’t such a different year for me. Working at a school we remained open to a small number of students and staff so my day-to-day role both at work and home did not change drastically.

I actually enjoyed the slow-down in pace for both family and recreational activities. We focused on supporting local businesses and also traveled within the state and spent as much family time together as possible. I also had more time to connect with family members interstate and overseas which was important as their well-being was more affected by the pandemic.

3. Who is someone you admire and why?

I have always admired my brother who achieved amazing school and tertiary results and started his working career as a corporate finance consultant and then changed careers to become a senior secondary teacher at his old school, giving back to the community and acting as a mentor to students.

We both share a passion for sport and family life and value each other’s support after losing our mother 3 years ago. We work as a great team and I admire his ability to give so much and not require recognition for all of his achievements.

4. What books/publications do you read to keep up-to-date with information?

I am a fiction reader - so admittedly need to embrace the world of podcasts! I enjoy reading a variety of genres and find it a relaxing way to end a busy day rather than watching TV.

5. What gets you out of bed in the morning?

With two young boys who bounce out of bed at 6am I am ready to start my day with them or even earlier on my running mornings. There is nothing better than returning from a running workout and preparing for a school and working day. Knowing that I am walking to work to join a vibrant workplace with hard-working colleagues is worth getting out of bed for!

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