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Our People: Q&A with Analyst Sidney Bowden

We recently welcomed Sidney Bowden to the Emerson Health team as an analyst. As is our custom, we sat down with Sidney and asked them some questions. Read on to get to know a little bit more about Sidney!

1. You've recently joined the Emerson Health team. Welcome! Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Thank you, it's an absolute pleasure to join this amazing team.

I have a broad work history, having worked in prehospital care with St John Ambulance, and served with the Royal Australian Air Force as an Air Combat Officer. I love learning deeply intriguing topics, having graduated from the Air Force's School of Air Warfare and then Victoria University (with a Bachelor of Health Science). I've spent the last few years as a registered paramedic and most recently supported robotic orthopaedic joint replacements. Whatever I do, I love doing it well, with a sense of delight and a team that cares.

I'm also really passionate about coffee and tabletop games, which is true to my new home in Melbourne.

2. What drives your passion for the work we do?

For me, it always comes back to our patients. I have a first-hand understanding of a patient's journey through prehospital care into the emergency room and their journey through the orthopaedic theatre and rehabilitation. I am humbled to have had patients share their anxieties toward medicine and medical procedures and to hear the comfort they take from the trust they put into Australian healthcare structures. We have an obligation to ensure they’re bestowing this trust upon the best patient-centred care we can create.

3. Who is someone you admire and why?

I admire my sister, Melinda. She's a Guide Dog trainer, and she's just exceptional at it. I admire most how her dogs are both an accessibility tool for her clients and her companions, maybe even her colleagues. She works with the dogs as individuals, supporting their growth rather than manipulating them as tools. It's part of what makes her one of the best in the industry and offers her clients a better quality of life. Add to this her kindness, her open displays of joy, and her ability to form excellent relationships with her partner and kid… I feel lucky just to witness her, let alone be one of her closest friends.

4. What books/publications do you read to keep up-to-date with information?

I have books scattered around my house because I always must have one of appropriate weight near-to-hand. While I wait for my coffee to brew in the kitchen, I have a couple of minutes to spend on The Design of Everyday Things. If I've got ten minutes on the couch, I have The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work. Next to my work desk is Finite and Infinite Games. I rotate in a text covering a new topic with depth and passion as I finish each one. I've also taken a lot from the Amble Podcast, a fascinating exploration of strategy, facilitation, and ways of working through the lens of gameful design.

5. What gets you out of bed in the morning?

I am not a morning person by any means, so going from long-time shift worker to morning riser has been quite a journey for me. The one thing that can reliably get me out of bed is the joyful process of coffee: Grind, brew, drink, all with the heavy intentionality that comes from a well-practised ritual.

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